Among the region'sMember of Recycling Council of Ontario largest e-waste recyclers
Computer Recyclers Inc.
163 MacFarlane Road Ottawa K2E 6V4
Among the region's largest e-waste recyclers
About Computer Recyclers Inc. and the Ontario Electronics Stewardship (OES)

Computer Recyclers Inc. is registered with the province of Ontario as an OES generating affiliate.

What this means to COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL clients is that OES electronics delivered to Computer Recyclers Inc will be accepted for free. Please see the list of OES and non-OES electronics on the Fees section of our website as some things are still chargeable.

Smoke detectors, thermostats, electric tooth-brushes or ANYTHING containing FREON or MERCURY are _NOT_ accepted.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Open Monday to Saturday,8:30am to 5:00pm, for End Of Life Recycling..

Computer Recyclers Inc. is one of the premier recyclers in Ottawa for all e-waste. 
We have been providing a way for individuals and business to ethically and responsibly dispose of their obsolete computer and electronic equipment since 1996.
Our ENTIRE downstream (Where all our material is sent after being processed here) is ISO14001 certified.

Phone: (613) 723-3135
Fax:      (613) 723-4607